Factory Resetting KT-19 Transmitter

The Mini-Z cars come with Kyosho KT-19 transmitters standard. This morning, I was playing the cars with my son when somehow, the transmitter became locked in full reverse and left turn. It may have something to do with the power switch being turned off while the car was moving. No matter what I did, once the car/transmitter communication was established, the car will start moving. There didn’t seem to be any mention of this in the manual, so after an hour or so of frustration, I decided to look through the forums. Turns out there’s a way to perform a factory reset, and it goes like this:

To reset the transmitter:
(1) Turn off the transmitter if it is on.
(2) Make sure that the steering trim knob is at the center position
(3) Turn the G.SPD L (speed limiter, right side) knob fully to the counterclockwise direction.
(4) Position of G.SPD H (LED control, left side) knob does not matter.
(5) Turn the steering wheel to the fully right position and push the throttle away to the full-brake position and hold them.
(6) Turn on the transmitter. The LED should flash rapidly; this means you are now in the factory mode.
(7) Release the steering wheel and throttle lever.
(8) Turn the steering wheel fully to the left, right, left and right, and then release it.
(9) Pull/push the throttle lever to full-throttle, full-brake, full-throttle, and full-brake, and then release it.
(10) Turn the G.SPD L knob to the right most position. The LED should become solid.
(11) Turn off the transmitter and on it again. You are done.

See more here:http://www.rctech.net/forum/micro-mini-scales/800127-mini-z-mr03-s-loss-signal.html

The transmitter was good as new right after the reset!